The Team

We never change, all members of the starting team are modellers! More seriously, our international team brings together the best specialists in each category. They are all talented aviation professionals who still prefer the most reliable and proven solutions, while bringing a touch of modernity, never seen nowadays in light aviation. We proudly say loudly, the VH2 defines THE new standard of light aviation.

Jean-Francois Boudet

President & CEO

Jean-François Boudet from France is the President & CEO of TOPMODEL® S.A.S company and assumes leadership of VH2 project.

TOPMODEL is a 20-year-old Radio Controlled Aircraft company and one of European main leader in RC industry. Mr. Boudet is a civilian professional pilot (Instruments Flight Rules rated) and a former fighter pilot in the French Air Force. He has logged more than 3000 hours of flight time. He flew a wide range of aircrafts including the MIRAGE F1C air defense fighter, ALPHA JET trainer, FOUGA Magister as flying instructor, Beechcraft King Air 200, CAP 10 and various aerobatics and light airplanes like PIPER, CESSNA and JODEL ROBIN.

He is a sailplane pilot and also flies his micro-light Fascination.

Mirco Pecorari


Mirco Pecorari is the owner of the Italian AircraftStudioDesign.

Mirco is THE star designer for general aviation, having designed more than 500 aircrafts art color schemes, from the most hard-headed racer planes, to private jets and helicopters. Mr PECORARI helped us to design some details of the plane, the interior and the magnificent color scheme.

Jean-Philippe Binet


Talented modeler with several hundred of RC models built for over 30 years, Jean-Philippe is also a pilot of real gliders and microlight with over 1000 hours of flight time at his clock.

Very involved from the very beginning on the microlight movement in France, he participated for 20 years in organizing the gathering of Blois, biggest European event. To be complete, he is also an emeritus homebuilder with the completion of two scratch-built carts for trikes, the assembly of an Xair kit and at present time building a gazaile, two seater microlight.

Ralf Schneider

Finishing techniques, painter

Ralf “Ralle” Schneider is the owner of tailormadedecals and is a professional painter.

Ralle is known as “The Master” in the art to transform a car, a motorbike or a plane in a true masterpiece. Furthermore, he helped us to find tricky technical solutions in a very smart manner.

And the last but not the least, Ralle is a talented RC pilot specialized in jets.

Bruno Ducreux

Development of VH2X Version (Experimental)

Bruno has a fifteen years experience in aeronautical engineering, of which twelve years dedicated to collection planes. He worked during seven years for a private old-timer aircrafts’ collector. A large part of his experience on collection planes was acquired at this time. He created AERO RESTAURATION SERVICE company to conciliate his known-how and his passion for aeronautics being gone with a dynamic and ambitious team.

In addition, he performs all test flights on aircrafts entrusted to him and he is an high level aerobatic pilot. Moreover, he is currently developing a single-seater aerobatics, the ARS300.

When it comes to aircraft development, Bruno is the person to contact absolutely.

Franck Aguerre


Franck Aguerre came to assist the VH2 project to refine performances and stability. An aeronautical engineer working on helicopter turbine design, he has been well known for two decades for his demanding and complete publications of his own designs, tech articles and product testing in French RC model magazines. But he is, above all, a specialist in aerodynamics for RC models, to whom we owe many publications on the subject and his analysis and design software for RC model and light aircraft (PredimRC).

Volker Heydecke


Volker Heydecke is from Germany and holds a diploma of mechanical Engineer. Previously with Daimler Chrysler, Impulse Aircraft and Shearwater, he worked on a broad spectrum of mechanical and aircraft engineering projects. At present time, working for DLE in China. Mr Heydecke was a PPL rated pilot and built a full composite two-thirds scale replica of the Polikarpov I-16.